Cell at Eastern State

Cell at Eastern State

Friday, September 25, 2009

Noir at the Bar

Wednesday night, the 30th of September, I'll be at Pete Rozovsky's latest Noir at the Bar. Pete runs the "Detectives without Borders" website, an excellent resource on international crime fiction.

The event will be at the Pen and Pencil Club, at 1522 Latimer Street in Philadelphia. I'll be on at 6:00pm, reading from "Dope Thief" and being interviewed by critic and literary historian Ed Pettit.

After me, at 8:00pm will be Pete Dexter, reading from his latest novel, Spooner. Pete is the author of several critically acclaimed novels, including "Paris Trout" and "The Paperboy."

Hope to see everyone there!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Crime Movie Night

I'll be hosting a showing of two classic crime films at the County Theater in Doylestown, on Friday, September 25th. The event is sponsored by the Doylestown Bookshop, and I'll be doing a signing and reading there at 8:00pm and then crossing the street to the County Theater to introduce the movies at 9:00pm. We'll be showing Orson Welles' classic Touch of Evil, with Charlton Heston and Janet Leigh, followed by the cult noir Gun Crazy, with John Dall and Peggy Cummins. It should be a blast, and one lucky attendee will win a chance to have his or her name used in an upcoming novel. The reading and signing are free, tickets for the double feature are ten dollars, or five dollars with a purchase of Dope Thief at the Bookshop. More info can be found at the Doylestown Bookshop's website.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Novel #2 is coming

I turned Novel #2 in to my editor at Minotaur and now have a tentative pub date of Spring, 2010!

The book will be a mystery and is titled, "The Wolves in Fairmount Park." I hope fans of "Dope Thief" will enjoy it. It's set in Philadelphia and centers on a heroin addict trying to solve a murder.

Look for it from Minotaur Books in the spring.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New Book from Jonathan Maberry

Literate Ones,

My buddy Jonathan Maberry has a new book out in the stores right now. It's called THEY BITE!: Endless Cravings of Supernatural Predatorsand it's an excellent, hugely entertaining resource on demons, werewolves, killers, beasts and imps, fictional and real, and the best part is...I'm in it! No, not as one of the monsters - as a contributor, smart ass. Jonathan gave me full rein, so I have a paragraph on my favorite movie monster, the ridiculously scary clown from Stephen King's "IT".

Hope you'll get a minute to check it out.