Cell at Eastern State

Cell at Eastern State

Saturday, October 24, 2009

UFO tour


I'm currently in New Mexico, where Dan Wolkow (above) from Eastern New Mexico University's Roswell campus invited me to do some workshops and talk to the students about writing. Dan did an amazing job promoting the workshop and we got a great turnout and gave away five signed copies of Dope Thief.

It's always a blast talking with aspiring writers, and the results from the writing exercise are invariably really funny and interesting. I think people love getting license to think about mayhem.

On Halloween, I'll be at Aaron's Books, in Lititz, PA, at 2:00pm to conduct another Crime Writing Workshop for aspiring writers, loyal readers, and the morbidly curious.

(Extra points for anyone who recognizes the Bill Hicks reference in the title to this post!)

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  1. I lived in La Luz, New Mexico, as you know, where I expanded my mind so completely that even today I remember feeling like I was going to fall into that huge sky.

    May your visit to Roswell be equally enriching, but don't kill yourself.

    I'm hearing great things in NYC about Wolves...