Cell at Eastern State

Cell at Eastern State

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Good news

Ballerinas esotica,

I was interviewed this week by the cool Italian literary site, Liberi di Scrivere, so now I feel like a man of the world.

Also, Scott Montgomery, the crime consultant at BookPeople in Austin, gave me and Dope Thief a really nice boost in in his Top Ten List for 2009.

Scott has been an amazing friend to me and Dope Thief, which is the February selection of his Hard Word Book Club, a noir-centered book group Scott runs out of BookPeople. I'll be talking live to the club on February 24th, which should be an excellent time.

The blog post is by David Thompson over at his blog for Busted Flush Press. David is the owner of Busted Flush, which publishes outstanding crime fiction, as well as the owner of Murder by the Book, one of the country's best mystery book stores. I'll be down in Houston at MBTB for their Noir Night on June 24th.

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