Cell at Eastern State

Cell at Eastern State

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Presents to Myself

Dear Boss,

I just got a huge care package in the mail to indulge my various obsessions:

Voodoo Histories: The Role of the Conspiracy Theory in Shaping Modern History, by David Aaronovitch, about the persistance of belief in conspiracies. "Aaronovitch argues persuasively that conspiracy theories are often a psychological defence against the indifference of others. This book will not change the theorists' views, of course, but it will be invaluable in our refuting them logically." - Andrew Roberts, in the Literary Review.

The Glister: A Novel by John Burnside, about a series of disappearances in a blighted English town. “John Burnside can make even the most mundane scene feel threatening. Oddly tender, for all the terror it evokes, his prose has a seductive depth and clarity that's impossible to resist. His novel, The Glister, is a delight–a scary, fascinating exploration of innocence and evil, and the thin margin that often separates the two.” —Scott Smith, author of A Simple Plan and The Ruins.

Longford, directed by Tom Hooper. "In the hands of Peter Morgan (writer of The Queen and Frost/Nixon), the intertwined lives of a child murderess and an English lord become what can only be described as a moral thriller--a suspenseful story of evil and forgiveness." - Brad Fetzer.

Five Days, A BBC miniseries written by Gwyneth Hughes, in which a mother and two young children vanish in broad daylight. "Riveting because it weaves the most familiar milestones of a major homicide investigation — the news conferences, police interrogations and family meltdowns — into a less predictable and intricately layered narrative that averts clich├ęs without diluting the suspense..." The New York Times

Also waiting for my copy of The Things That Keep Us Here, by breakout novelist Carla Buckley.

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