Cell at Eastern State

Cell at Eastern State

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Scott Phillips Interview at Do Some Damage

Head over to Do Some Damage and check out the great two-part interview with my twisted pal Scott Phillips, author of The Ice Harvest, The Walkaway, and Cottonwood, which I just re-read and enjoyed just as much the second time.

Scott talks about his career and writing process as well as his upcoming novel "Supply Sarge" from Phoenix Books and the comic series he's been working on with the artist Roger Peterson, whose work you can check out at his website, "Dollar Store Novels."

Scott's work always deals with the hidden and strange sides of life that we all pretend we aren't constantly thinking about. He's staked out this dark and compelling territory for himself, documenting in his various books a kind of murderous underground history of a patch of the midwest, from the 1870's to the present day. He's also a ferociously funny storyteller, both in his novels and in person.

There are always pieces of grotesque reality lurking in his novels, like the "Bloody Benders," a real clan of killers who waylaid travelers in 19th century Kansas, or a bizarre sex raffle that operated in a defense plant in Wichita in the 1940s.

Scott also produced as good a piece of short fiction as I've ever read, "The Emerson, 1950" at the short-lived and much-missed "Murdaland." The good news is that you can read it online at the website.

Check him out, and buy his books. Do it now.

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