Cell at Eastern State

Cell at Eastern State

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wolves of Fairmount Park is Out Today

Today is June 22, and Wolves of Fairmount Park is finally out. So far, it seems to be for sale in independent bookstores, all those great crime bookstores that gave Dope Thief it's start last year, and Barnes and Noble stores in the Philadelphia metropolitan area.

There are also more interviews out. One that I had done with Jed Ayres for his blog, Ransom Notes, at Barnes and Noble's site, with the balance of the interview here, at Jed's site, Hardboiled Wonderland. (Jed's site always has some excellent art on the home page - see if you crime movie buffs can figure out the source of the one displayed there now).

The other was done by Kieran Shea for Spinetingler Magazine. Both of these interviews were done the old fashioned way, with the interviewers feeding me one question at a time and then following up. I think it makes for much livelier, more interesting Q&A.

Spinetingler also gave the book a really nice review, too, as did Tim Davis at Mystery Scene Magazine.

It's day two (well, technically day three, now) of the tour, and I'm down in New Orleans. I walked around a little downtown, but I have to admit I was pretty wiped out when I got here earlier, so I'll put a lot more into tomorrow. Today's drive was an easy one, down from Atlanta to the Gulf coast, and the day flew by talking to friends about the release of the book and trying to figure out where it was actually for sale.

Today was also the day that Rebecca Cantrell's new thriller, A Night of Long Knives, is being released by Minotaur, which is excellent news. It's a follow up to her acclaimed Trace of Smoke, and I'm sure it's just as fascinating and gripping as the first one.

Thanks to all my friends for getting the word out! It's been an amazing day.

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