Cell at Eastern State

Cell at Eastern State

Monday, August 9, 2010

Writing, writing, writing

I've been mostly off the interweb recently, busy with life, the day job, events to promote Wolves and trying to write, write, write. I'm currently trying to get the third novel off the ground, and I've also been working on short stories for various anthology projects as well as refining the script for a really cool project: a short film based on my short story, "How To Jail" which appeared in CrimeFactory and which will be shot by director Paul Von Stoetzel of Killing Joke Films. Paul's already cast most of the leads and lined up a talented bunch of production people.

This Wednesday, the 11th, I'll be presenting my Crime Fiction Workshop at Clinton Bookshop in Clinton NJ. I hope everybody who enjoys writing as well as crime and mystery fans will stop by to a great bookstore and join us at 7:00pm. I've run the workshop a dozen times now, and it's always a lot of fun to see what writers produce. I've seen really interesting and provocative work in every workshop I've conducted, which makes me really optimistic about the next generation of writers, not to mention way more nice to people I don't know, because it turns out a fair number of them spend their time plotting murder.

Thursday, the 12th, I'll be downtown in Philly for my first Barnes and Noble event, at the Rittenhouse Square store at 6:00pm. For those who don't know the layout at the store, the readings/signings are usually up on the third floor, so climb on up and join us. I really want to get the troops out for this one, so I'll be providing a little bonus material for those who make the trek: I'll read a new (very) short story, and I'll give away a signed copy of my first novel, Dope Thief or to one lucky attendee.

Also got more good news this week: A great review by Justin Bauer at Philadelphia CityPaper, and I found out that Wolves is now available at Barnes and Noble stores across the country.


  1. Yo, Dennis. I just finished reading The Wolves of Fairmount Park. I read Dope Thief last month. You have Got to make a movie out of those books. I hope Hollywood is banging on your door because nobody does the streets like you do! Keep up the great writing!!!

  2. Dennis, buddy. I'm not into smoking hash and wearing wooden shoes. I like violence and repressing my feelings. It's a "von", not a "van".

    And the short film adaptation of "How to Jail" will rock all y'all.

  3. Sorry man! No excuse, especially since I have one of those names everybody misspells.