Cell at Eastern State

Cell at Eastern State

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Liars Club Blog

Over at the Liars Club blog, we're running a series of blogs with advice for new and aspiring writers. The first series, "What You Wish You Knew Before Publishing Your First Book" is underway now, and so far, Marie Lamba, Kelly Simmons, Sara Shepard, Greg Frost, Merry Jones, Leslie Banks, Keith Strunk, Jon McGoran, Solomon Jones and Jonathan Maberry have all weighed in with some interesting and perceptive advice and counsel.

When you get a minute, drop over the Liars Club and check out the blog. In addition to regular postings from the crew about what we're up to (Jonathan just scored another three-book deal with St. Martin's, Sara, Jonathan and Solomon all have TV shows in development, and the rest of the us are working away on new projects), you can also find a schedule of our events and links to our individual sites.

We'll be continuing and expanding our posts with advice for writers, so keep dropping by.