Cell at Eastern State

Cell at Eastern State

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Guest Blogging Today!

Gripping Strangers,

Jump over to The Abbot Gran Medicine Show, where I'm guesting today. The blog is the work of two amazing writers, Sara Gran and Megan Abbott, and it's jammed with cool stuff - Bob Hope controlling minds, Rip Torn attacking Norman Mailer with a hammer, witches, Weegee, the odd lure of playing cards, Winnie Ruth Judd and Doris Day and the always-great writing of Sara and Megan.

My post is called Satan's Day Care, and it's about the Ritual Abuse Panic of the 80's. I've been fascinated for years by this odd episode in American history, in which dozens of daycare workers, teachers and parents were falsely accused of repeatedly abusing and abducting preschool children in testimony that was the blatant result of coercion, threats and bribes.

Come on over and join the fun!