Cell at Eastern State

Cell at Eastern State

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Back in the Game

I'm pleased as hell to announce that I'll be back in print with Minotaur!

From Publisher's Marketplace: Mystery/Crime

Author of Wolves of Fairmount Park Dennis Tafoya's THE POOR BOY'S GAME, starring a female ex-Marshal now working in private "kidnap and ransom" who has to face the most dangerous criminal she's ever encountered: her own father, a gang enforcer who has escaped from prison, to Kelley Ragland at Minotaur, in a two-book deal, by Alex Glass at Trident Media Group (NA).

I am writing the first book now. It's set in Philly again and features a new (and I hope, recurring) character, Frannie Mullen, an ex-Marshal who has to protect a pregnant woman from Frannie's own father, Patrick Mullen, a former enforcer for a corrupt union local. Frannie's life in the Marshals, her father's criminal past and her new job in K and R should yield plenty of material for new stories.

It's been fun so far, researching the Marshals, reading about the old roofers union scandals of the 80's, scouting locations in Philly and learning arcane bits of Philadelphia crime history. This one also draws on some Philadelphia boxing history, too, and I've already been pestering my pals like Greg Gillespie of Port Richmond Books for stories.

For those of you around Philly this weekend, I'll be at Atlantis The Lost Bar at 4 on Saturday, January 7th, after the David Goodis Bus Tour run by our friend Lou Boxer of NoirCon, which should be a great time. See you there!


  1. This is good news, Just read some Goodis, so I'm in the mood for more dark glimpses of this weird town.
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    "Because Murder Is More Fun Away From Home"